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DSCN1867 Who am i?

I am the one who brings the photos on this site to you and providing you to see people, flowers, seas, streets, mounts -briefly the life itself- through my visor. I am the one who tells you “have a look at this!”.

I am not a photographer, or photograph artist but a photojournalist.

While illustrating you all the colors of the life, sometimes I am the one who bothers you. Besides giving you what you want to see, I am the person who also make you see the things you don’t want to see. As I said, I am a photojournalist, thus I look at life through the eyes of reporter. I am the one who loves the street, and believe they’re the vessels of life. That’s why mostly I am going to take you a virtual stroll through the streets and people.
I am going to show you the mankind’s fight as well. Sometimes you will be the spectator of violence, and sometimes you will found yourself in the labor fight.

I am here to guide you in this sense.

I know that my “about me” is out of the ordinary. I will make it a little classic. So here is my biosketch:

I was born in Germany, as a child of a Cretan mother and Bosnian father. Spent my childhood in Germany, and grew up in Izmir. Because of my hometown is being so complicated, I can easily say I am a man of the world. I finished my academic life in Izmir, graduated from Ege University Faculty of Communication, Department of Journalism in 1999. I started my professional life working in the Evrensel Gazetesi in summer of 1996, after Metin Göktepe is being murdered. Then I worked as a reporter in Yeni Asır and since 2002 I have been working in İzmir Life magazin as a photojournalist. At the same time taking photographs for Depophotos. Now I guess you have enough information about me.

Have a good day.

Alpay Sonmez




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